Our Online Performance Improvement System, OPIS, is a web-based application that allows you to automate your performance measurement system. OPIS encompasses everything you need to create a program logic model, establish performance measures, track program performance, and produce performance reports.  Visual performance displays enable you to easily detect performance problems. Our user friendly synthesizing software allows you to produce standard and customized reports at the click of a button.  OPIS helps you to improve your program’s performance by continually steering your program along the road to results.

  • Develop a visual depiction of your program using our Online Logic Model Tool
  • Establish performance measures using our Performance Planner
  • Measure performance using our Performance Tracker
  • Create standard and customized reports using our Report Generator

Our Online Logic Model Tool, the first phase of OPIS development, is currently underway.  For information please contact the OPIS Team at hpcg@live.ca.